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University of illinois springfield

Further insights into the riot's origins appear when we turn to the question of whom the rioters targeted for attack. Beyond the physical damage was injury to the reputation of the Illinois capital. But the police had secretly taken the prisoners out the back door into a waiting automobile and out of town to safety. Homes on North 9th Street, August 14, East Madison Street, August 14, 23 Barber Shop As for Springfield's black community, no one knows exactly when the first blacks came to the area, but tradition has it that the first settler was a West Indian, a barber named William Florville.

Blackpast is dedicated to providing a global audience with reliable and accurate information on the history of african america and of people of african ancestry around the world. we aim to promote greater understanding through this knowledge to generate constructive change in our society.

Perhaps because they felt that the police were unreliable, whites believed that they had to take the law into their own hands. Outsiders such as immigrants and southerners, then, cannot be blamed for the violence. Historians later said they were southerners or children of southerners, that is, people with more hostile attitudes towards blacks than northerners.

But not until the riot in the Illinois capital did the nation's newspapers pay much attention to these early-twentieth-century outbreaks. Afterhowever, the black community grew steadily but more slowly, until it reached twenty-five hundred in Few it seemed, learned any lessons from the violence in the capital. Further insights into the riot's origins appear when we turn to the question of whom the rioters targeted for attack. Perhaps the worst fears of the black middle-class had come true.

African americans in illinois

After this second killing, enough troops arrived in the capital to prevent further mass attacks. The state militia was called up during the riot. He was sentenced to thirty days in jail.

The Levee was an area several blocks long that included many saloons, small shops, restaurants, and part of the vice district. When the troops made it impossible for large crowds to form, some whites turned to threats. It was not the case, as some later writers claimed, that a "huge Negro influx" into the city fueled interracial conflict. The dozens of whites arrested for rioting also went to trial, but the all-white juries refused to convict most of them.

Beginning late the first night of the riot and continuing through the second night and the later hit-and-run attacks, we see rioters carefully selecting wealthier blacks as targets.

Springfield race riot,

Innorthern white and sprijgfield reformers, outraged by the violence in Lincoln's hometown, called a small meeting. In return, politicians saw to it that the police did not enforce vice laws. The many hundreds of blacks who had fled to the countryside and neighboring towns soon returned and rebuilt their lives. For a month after the riot, whites who employed blacks or who had black customers received threatening letters telling them their homes and businesses would be burned unless they cut all their ties to blacks.

Springfield's streetcar companies hired no blacks at all.

They also wanted Joe James, an out-of-town black who was accused of killing a white railroad engineer, Clergy Ballard, a month earlier. The crowd then marched amerifan a predominantly white, middle-class neighborhood and seized and hung an elderly wealthy black resident. Many could and did keep gardens to help maintain their families.

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Drunken, criminal blacks were committing crimes that angered whites. Florville did so, and was very successful. What we actually find is that the typical white rioter was a young man in his twenties, single, employed in a working-class job, and a native of Illinois. In fact, the typical rioter had little if any contact at all with blacks: he lived well away from black neighborhoods and worked in trades that totally excluded black workers.

Three illinois cities were tied at 15, and several others made the list.

Thus, the Badlands was "bad" in part because it supported some of the city's vice industry and the high crime rates that inevitably came with it. Another place to look for clues is ametican the identity of the white rioters and their black victims. But even if all this were true, though, it is clearly not the whole story. Springfield's white newspapers said ilinois rioters only attacked "bad Negroes," and that peaceful, "law-abiding" blacks had nothing to fear.

Archaeologists recently uncovered the remains of five houses that lay witness to the tragedy that set springfield, illinois, on fire in

They were very busy hurting the prominent, and so, of course we were frightened. Florville did so, and was very successful. It was not the case, as some later wojan claimed, that a "huge Negro influx" into the city fueled interracial conflict.

Joe James, the black man accused of murdering a white, was found guilty and hanged. As for the black man accused of rape, he was freed. Late that afternoon, a crowd gathered in front of ffor jail in the city's downtown and demanded that the police hand over the two men to them.

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